Yukihira Furano
Yukihira Furano
Name Yukihira Furano
Japanese Name 雪平 ふらの
Age 17

July 26th

Race Human
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Three Size
Affiliation Reject 5

Furano Yukihira (雪平 ふらの Yukihira Furano) is the classmate of Kanade. She has a daily habit of telling weird jokes to Kanade whenever she initially meets him in the classroom. She has strange and unique sense of humor and is capable of telling it with her poker face. However underneath her façade, conceals the truth that she is actually just a normal girl who distresses with herself from her choices of how she acts in public view and in front of Kanade.


Furano Yukihira is a girl with white hair and deep pink colored eyes.

At the front, her hairstyle has two long bangs that frame her face, reaching the base of her neck, several loose bangs hanging over her forehead and the largest one at the middle that almost reaches her nose, while the back has a short bob cut. On the right side of her hair, she also wears a woolly animal-shaped hair-clip.

So far in the anime, she is only seen in the uniforms provided by the school, the exception being the final episodes where she is wearing a bathing suit along with all other characters.




Furano gives off a dispassionate aura, but is quite shy, and greatly desires both simple friendship with others, as well as getting to know Amakusa Kanade better, because she obviously is in love with him. However, the dispassionate aura, combined with her poor social skills has seen to it that she, like Kanade, has been grouped in with the "Reject 5".

Her involvement in the plotEdit

Kanade's first mission was to make her 'laugh from her very heart' within the given deadline. This was accomplished when Kanade made Furano laugh by unintentionally slipping on a banana peel, causing the latter to laugh uncontrollably.


  • Yukihira Furano has a resemblance to Koneko Toujou of High School DxD

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