Summary of the plotEdit

The main character: Kanade Amakusa suffers from a curse known as the ‘Absolute Choices’; forcing him to choose between two usually horrible choices, one example is when he came across a porn magazine lying on the ground in a park, and he was forced to choose whether to...

(1) “Sniff the magazine in public”
(2) “Eat it in public”

He also receive intense growing headache until he finally chooses. He chosen the first choice, and as the result: he was seen sniffing the magazine by two young school boys who later ridiculed him and ran off laughing at his misfortune. After a long montage about the historical choices that people made in the past, the story returns back to Kanade who encountered the neighborhood housewife that lives next to him: Daiko Gondo, an unappealing woman whom usually flirt with him every day in the morning and in the evening as he goes to and from school. Kanade reluctantly socializes with her whenever she caught him, and he will try to escape from her whenever the opportunity arises.

When Kanade finally reached the classroom, he met up with the girl who sits behind him: Furano Yukihira, a girl whom tends to act strange whenever around other people. Such as making weird jokes about bugs and describing Kanade as a bug, just because she read on that day, “a disaster will happen concerning bugs”.

While socializing with Yukihara, Kanade was suddenly force to choose between to...

(1) “Ask her if he can touch her boobs”
(2) “Ask her to touch his boobs”

He chose the second choice, and as the result: all conversation in the classroom stopped the moment he asked the awkward question, and all the girls in the class suddenly paying attention to them. Yukihira then used the situation to tell a joke and went on a long speech about how he should have said a more obscene word about ‘boobs’. Kanade was then made to choose the reevaluated choices and he still chose the second choice. Which this time, Yukihira responded by sitting back down in her desk and told him that she can’t talk to a person that uses obscene words.

Afterwards, a girl climbed through the classroom window from the outside; despite the fact they’re on the second floor. She is introduced as Ouka Yuuouji; she came into the room with a large bag that holds a bunch of questionable products from her father’s company. After a scene about female’s version of Viagra that Ouka said she sneaked into her mother’s breakfast for testing. She presented Kanade and Yukihara a bag of bug-shape sweets, which Ouka later said to be made from using real maggot extract for flavoring after they both tried a piece. Yukihara then realizes that the situation could have been the prophesized disaster that was concerning bugs.

While the two girls were playing around, Kanade was then given another pair of horrible choices, which he must either...

(1) “Take off his shirt and shout like a real Japanese man”
(2) “Expose his lower half like an Amazon”

He reluctantly chose the first, and as the result: his teacher came into the room and found him as he was running around the classroom, exposing his bare chest and yelling out like a man (Read: Idiot). Kanade was then brought to the counseling room by the teacher.

The teacher: Utage Douraku, whom appearance is similar to a child for some reason, was already familiar about Kande’s curse. She explained that she took him to counseling room, yet she will not give him any special treatment. After Kanade told her what was the situation about this time and what his choices were. She let him knows that she has no sympathy for him. She told him to return back to class, or else Yukihira will follow through with burning his shirt that he left in the classroom, as Utage order her to do with a text message.

Kanade unfortunately encounters Daiko on his way home and another set of choices appeared. They were nearly the same, have her hug him, but the second option was to tell her to allow her primal instincts to go free.

For all that is rights, he chose the first choice and endure the hug him until she finally stop and left. Then he immediately got another set of choices. This time he was forced to choose whether to...

(1) “Have Daiko fall on him from the sky”
(2) “Have a beautiful girl fall on him from the sky”

As Kande feared that he may die if Daiko fell on him, he chose the second choice. The result was a strange blond girl actually falling from the sky; her name is Chocolat and she apparently came to help free him from his curse.

To be continued. . .