Summary of the plotEdit

When Kanade found a girl sleeping on his couch, the same girl whom fell from the sky, he realizes that the yesterday afternoon was not a dream. After a scene of her mooching off his food and asking for his expensive chocolate, in a manner similar of a housetrain dog. The girl says she came to help him; however she apparently does not remember her name and anything else of significant. So she took the name of Chocolat.

Kanade receive a call on his phone from a whimsical person who identifies himself as God, and to provide proof, Kanade got turn into a girl over the phone. When Kanade demands to be reverted back to a boy, he/she have to make a choice whether to...

(1) “Stay as a girl forever”
(2) “Do a handstand while shouting the name of his favourite historic figure”

After choosing the second choice and finally got back to being a boy. The identified God told Kanade he can get rid of his Absolute Choice curse by doing a bunch of missions, however the missions are randomized and if he fails even one, he will forever be stuck with his curse. At the end of the call, Kanade chose to identify him as the ‘Flippant God’.

Kanade ask Chocolat for any information, he learnt that she will be of no help. Seeing no reason to keep her in his family house, he tried to get rid of her but was suddenly forced to choose between…

(1) “Give up on his eviction and let her stay”
(2) “Give up on his eviction and leave the house”

So he reluctantly have to let Chocolat stay, how unfortunate for him. When Kanade arrived at school, he received his first mission, on a text message no less. The mission was to ‘make Yukihira Furano laugh from the bottom of her heart’ by tomorrow. A near impossible task as Kanade believed.

When Kanade spoke to Yukihara in the morning before class, she called Kanade a piggy bastard for some reason. This later trigger a choice where he must either…

(1) “Squeal like a pig ten times while lying on the teacher’s desk”
(2) “Have Daiko appear naked, while wrapped up in a straw rope and he as well bind in similar state”

For heaven's sake, Kanade chose the first choice and like squeal like pig, and when he finish Yukihira approached him while pitying him. She stated that she thought that his earlier idea of a joke was a weak follow-up and start suing him for copyright issue. They actually have a trial in front of their classroom, which Ouka somehow acting as the judge. The decision was that either Kanade was guilty of illegal copyrighting or that he was a pig and should live as one. No matter what Kanade can say in the trial, he is showed to lose either way.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the teacher: Utage, arrived to rescue him from the trial, by putting him a choke-hold and shipping his unconscious self to the counseling room. As it turns out from during their conversation, Utage was once also plagued by the Absolute Choice curse, which she says was the reason personality got all messed up; Kanade commented that he was not truly convinced. Anyway, Kanade told her about Chocolat, the missions, and the Flippant God. Utage seem to be more convinced of it eligibility, and advised him that he must perform the missions, as she stated were real.

When Kanade return home from school and probably meeting Daiko on the way, Chocolat told him that she received an order to help out on his first mission. She did some research and bought a book titled “Secret Ceremony 48 ticking techniques”, which she tried on Kanade. Kanade toss the book away from her out of his refusal to use it.

The next day, Kanade tried a series of failed attempts to make Yukihira laugh. After the last failed attempted joke with a sumo getup as the main gag, Yukihira told him that she finished for the day and left the classroom. As the time-limit was nearly up, Kanade followed her with his last resort, the tickling book from before.

Kanade later found Yukihira on the roof for some reason and quietly approach her, though surprising to find her in a miserable state. He heard her speak a low fragile tone, unhappily crying out to herself on why she would constantly acts so strange and how it would make “him” think worse of her. When she heard someone approaching from behind, her eyes meet Kanade. Kanade dropped everything he holding in his arm, as he realized that instead of seeing her laugh as he planned to do, he witness her crying for the first time in front of him.

To be continued. . .

What could’ve beenEdit

Chosen: (1) “Stay as a girl forever”

Kanade stares at a lake after choosing to stay as a girl, now calling himself/herself Kanarin. She was visited by her fellow male student and rode with him on his bike into the setting sun.