Yuuoji Ouka
Name Yūōji Ōka
Japanese Name 遊王子 謳歌
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Three Size
Affiliation Reject 5
Ouka Yuuoji
VA: Ayumi Tsuji

A fellow classmate of Kanade and proud daughter of a powerful company, U.O.G. She has beautiful looks, but she has childish behavior and nobody knows what she'll pull next. The damage from her rampages earned her a spot in the “Reject 5” but she doesn't seem to care.


Yuuoji Ouka is a girl with brown hair and light purple eyes with a tied pink ribbon on her head.

Her body figure is a little like Chocolat's, but her chest is a bit bigger than Yawakaze's. She wears the Academy's uniform but the bottom part of her shirt is unbuttoned, revealing a bit of her stomach. She was seen wearing the Academy's P.E uniform in the wrestling match in the battle of the Popular 5 vs. the Reject 5. She also wears a purple jacket, pink skirt, long socks and pink shoes for when going outside. She was also wearing a pink swimsuit in the resort.


Her involvement in the plotEdit

Kanade's mission was to spot Yawakaze Konagi's panties within the given deadline. This was accomplished when Kanade saw it from Yuuoji. She also is in love with Kanade proven through how frustrated she is when other girls are getting to close to him such as when Seira said that she loves Kanade.

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